It seems like a long time back. But there used to be a time when yahoo chat rooms were all the rage. It was the best way to chat with strangers on the internet . No Facebook or Instagram . I myself was hooked onto chatrooms for hours every day. However when yahoo chatrooms closed… Read More

Firebase provides simple and fully functional user management functionality out of the box. An important functionality is to provide user management from Node.js server side code like adding new user ,reset etc. Here is the code below to Register a new User   exports.addUser = function(req, res) { var wine = req.body; var email =… Read More

Given below is the source code Of a View Controller which has a MapView object. it shows 3 custom pins added by code. there are lots of examples in bits and pieces but no one describes this simple excercise in clear steps.   using Foundation; using System; using UIKit; using CoreLocation; using CoreGraphics; using MapKit; namespace ResOp {     public partial class NearController : UIViewController     {         CLLocation currentLocation;         public NearController (IntPtr handle) : base (handle)… Read More

Who are these people? When does humanity stoop to such levels that we cease to be humans any more ? An angry psychopath running a truck through unsuspecting people going about their lives as usual . Nothing to do with the war crimes their governments are accused of . Some of them children who had… Read More

Some more comments on india’s hot favorite topic “Tolerance” . Sorry fellows but cant stop myself from jumping into the debate time and again. Let me make one point perfectly clear on the beginning itself that i am no aamir khan fan. when whole of india was busy giving a standing ovation to aamir khan… Read More

Few images have touched the collective conscience of the whole world than the images of a lifeless body of a 3 year old boy named aylan in recent times. It was splashed across different newspapers, tv channels and websites across the globe. it shook the whole world. As a parent to a 3 year old… Read More

After finally toiling through the PayUMoney SDK for 3 days i have finally managed to implement the payments and capture the response successfully into the Application. Given below is the bare bones code using PayUMoney WebView. Explanation will come later as i am exhausted right now. I will also try to put up code for… Read More

68 years of independence . but every day my belief keeps getting stronger and stronger that we have not achieved independence yet. We are now living in a nation where you have to think twice before expressing your opinion.Where questioning Anna Hazare movement makes you anti national, Where opposing divisive politics of regional leaders results… Read More

So the unthinkable has happened. Bangladesh has defeated India in a one day Series in cricket. I have had a particular grudge against bangladesh because they have helped South africans collect plenty of records that used to be India’s. The most important being that of Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj roys’ record 413 runs partnership in… Read More

Its been years in the coming. i have been trying to write and maintain a blog. but finally all i could do is upload a page to the website and then forget about it. A part of the problem was trying to figure out what i really am and what areas to explore as a… Read More